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tv   [untitled]    June 25, 2012 2:30am-3:00am EDT

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welcome back and this is r.t. the headlines for you. is that mr muhammad mercy celebrates victory after being declared as egypt's first democratically elected president critics say he'll be a mere figurehead for the generals retaining the reins of power. turkey looks home to syria for shooting down a military jet as nato leaders prepare to meet to discuss the incident syria claims the plane is over its territory blanker is insisting it was on a training flight in international airspace. and the world's most wanted was to go into the zone still waits to find out whether ecuador will grant him political
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asylum despite seeking refuge at the country's london embassy on episode of his t.v. show is going to go on air right. thanks there are. interviews former front runner for the egyptian presidency but his take on what the future holds for the country. with me i have a moose a presidential candidate in egypt's recent elections and also before me he had of the arab league so thank you very much for joining us here on r.t. many people were surprised that you did not make it through to the second round of the recent presidential elections why do you think you did not do as well as expected i was among those who were astonished that i didn't make it but this is the more prosy. old. that is a guarantee that never again. but i'm glad that the democratic
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process has started. and the elections would also by the international arab and the civil society organizations in egypt i have my own reasons for the i understand what happened and. things were managed in the last few days but my concern is not this my concern is that the democratic opposition not to be. especially at this stage where we are just starting. so i am glad that things went that way to the been much better had they been in the race. in the second round but that is immaterial to the process itself and the preservation of the initiative towards the most the revolution failed the relation in your words it was supposed to achieve democracy why do you think it was unable to sustain itself. because
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of so many sticks and their mistakes were committed by all parties to the egyptian scene. where you cannot accuse one party of the but icing the mistakes the that evolution that you. it was it was subject to a hijacking from the very post but to the oneness of the goal which is to put an end to the form of the gene pulled everybody together it was not completely observed noticed understood that the forces of then they'd forces of attention one city of the gene came to its end and the former president decided to put up at the gate differences stopped and many forces from the right especially the right attempted to speak on behalf of
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their evolution and i was accurate and that was see many in the many organisations and unions and bodies that to clean each one of the blame to represent the evolution and they were talking past each other. if you can which is only to get they. could give it a should have worked what was needed for it to achieve its goals i believe one body one head of it and clear boards. and. the. know that to be able to compete and get into the bottom and compete and get into the government but december the voices the different logics the different emphasis and be at them still hijack it to the effect that they called the bottom into any department be
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a part of the punishment of that it was. so and the tools a bit strange that evolution was utterly just. so. the misconception did misunderstanding the mr presentation of things that however i would want you to know. that the god of this of the absence or the presence of the ocean. actually presents the spirit of the producers to get. the feeling that this is a different guy and different era and different philosophy and different goals. this spirit is still there so i believe not think that the magician should most people. but it was definitely. subject to a lot of pressure it will still be able to force to show that it will shift but it's spirits and the general feeling that we have already and
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a bit different. is today what does a scene with mean for egypt are you concerned that egypt will become a more islamised state. and i believe there will be a lot of. disagreement on that point. egypt is not solely to be anything but the simplistic it means that the successful or preview of president morsi by what it would do to the with the problems of egypt rather than get into political talk about the philosophy of the muslim brotherhood are you concerned by the growing islamised fundamentalism in the region . but the point is that this is a religion not politics but it's something against the government has to be a civilian civil government this is what i believe in. we live in the twenty first
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century we have problems in our country in old age it will have to be to them with all the ways and means that we see fit into that it is something it's. we need a civil state we need. modern constitution and egypt at all. the constitution stopping one thousand nine hundred three constitutional. authority of . the independence of. the tradition for the power of the presidential opening to the gee what about the but a government that has the constitution as its sole. mother gets only because of. the judiciary and it depends is independence up to you
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should it is so important and vital. human rights and fundamental freedoms rights of women all this all those principles should be shot in trying in addition to being the discrimination on the exits and in addition to the basic nature of the. of the religion that it has its all but as defined in the constitution i think. that the military has made itself responsible for one thousand new constitution are you confident that the military will be able to give the people a constitution that exceeds something new that's going to read the constitution it's a constituent assembly that will have to consider that simply with the albeit it was an addition by all factions of our society and nobody expects that many
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people had it was the amendments holding the constitution because he's an old and that got all this talk about interns it is the constitution that would egypt but the military will choose the people who will want this constitution well and they know where. the committee already in place it will suit the simply but the tests there's some controversy around it so we'll see what kind of proposals that the supreme council come up with but we many of us have their own opinions about it so it will be that the minute we would just zero point they would say that they were going some as a place but. you waved of the arab league for a decade how then do you explain the arab league's stance on syria which has surprised many look at me situation in syria is different than the solution if you
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and the arab league played an important or maybe a little too believe that waiting for change and save the civilians. also supported by also devoted to see that it was different because of the sort of situation of syria and that none of the countries surrounding syria or that it would lose in riyadh egypt and tunisia to the east and west and move in a suitable evolution so that the neighborhood was already there really to support the evolution in there and be. as good for syria as many countries around it ought to be equal so that things would get out of hand. but it is this could change this is the year of change and change is very good for good it will be forced into expression of spain. already had that expression of that kind is the spirit of change and changes that he believes and change is
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a story development it is not just is for if it so is a myth of time in my opinion that change we can take place in syria especially up to now to what happened then you can look at the score it's a bit to get that school one to be accepted and. maybe. all of us doesn't amount to be we see it as something that we want to share but i believe this is like a good that is no other plan that has no plan there's no wisdom plan what of the city and that is a load of bull it's basically a load of this on a monday because of what to do see a. path that might that be natural development of things we believe it's true that what happened and not at each a point of going back to square one that eats and those who get that this is to blame for change and change is the name of the game and city is no exception and we
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said thank you very much for joining us here on ati thank you. they've been living this way he says to seventeenth century. rituals are strict. their communities are isolated. they clearly distinguish between their old and the alien. and guard their families and things as a treasure. feel
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. to the. to its tsk. kick ass. can't change it if. you. just give me can i speak with you sir let me let me explain my son died in iraq i don't agree you don't agree we don't have to look for him my son isn't isn't in the arena i don't know what is crap we are going to find it for yourself. it's an honor to share your country.
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with the countries i'm curious. when you cross the border in hope to help you find it. you find in so many owns is war and need some serious debt. q. thanks.
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islamist mohamed morsi celebrates victory after being declared as egypt's first democratically elected president the critics say figurehead generals retain the reins of power. in turkey dogs home to syria down a military jet as nato leaders prepared to meet discuss the incident syria and the papers over its territory i'm crazy insisting it was on a training flight in international airspace. the world's most wanted whistleblower to do a song to waits to find out where the ecuador will grant him if it's going to sign them despite seeking refuge at countries under the final episode of his t.v. show that it. has been in the latest action from
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sport now and incredibly the penalty continues for england's football team. i'm telling you kerry is. six of the seven. major competitions lost again last night if you're going through the semifinals on the plane home early once again kerry more not coming up in just a sec. thanks for joining us this is sports today plenty head over the next ten minutes including these stories and three. italian job the jury celebrated after knocking out of england to reach the semifinals of the european football championships. spanish to primo fernando alonso moves to the top of the formula one standings following a thrilling european grand prix win in valencia. on grass squirrel of
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a wall and tennis star maria sharapova person take center stage on the opening day of wimbledon. football first where we now know the semifinal lineup at euro two thousand and twelve it's lee securing the last spot following a penalty shoot out victory over england on sunday it was the italians dominated both normal in extra time hitting the post three times but neither team could find the back of the net so a penalty shoot out was needed to the side that time is leaving that. much to the light of fans here in rome on the road to among tea the hero after mistaking a chef it's from ashley's young colt usery last through to the last four where they will face. brilliant scenes there for further analysis on last night's game and indeed the turning into as a whole kate partridge caught up with the chief football writer a british newspaper the daily mirror after the match martin lipton first stating
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that italy were deserving winners. in the first fifteen minutes they were by far the better team england showed great courage to visit great desire in the end it wasn't quite good enough and of course the familiar feeling from twelve yards so how do you think italy would do against germany that. they could have a twenty percent chance germany or sensational had the best team in the children pirlo today was magnificent germany won't give in that sort of space i don't think if they were even if they played twenty percent better than that i don't really fancy having some of your germany spain final say you say spain so what makes you think that the portugal can't do it i don't think they can get the ball enough to run out before he can hurt spain no question he's been the player of the children so far for. spain just smother the life out in they did it to france on saturday and i think they'll do it again on wednesday. into next to portugal so if it's germany against spain he's going to be the winner of year eighty thousand to twelve
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i hope germany because of the football they play they're the most exciting vibrant in the in the household when they play the. all they want to do is hurt you spain go on the ball beautiful to watch they don't excite they don't get the policies stirring germany do and in this particular tournament do you think has been the biggest disappointment so far of germany are as you say the stars think holland because everyone expects them to do better i think to a degree russia who should have got for everyone their first going for one they should have qualified comfortably loving going home and once again i have to say france because their attitude has been pretty awful and finally how do you feel about what you ate his decision to held your eighty thousand child in ukraine in poland i understand you've been based mainly in part of the what are your thoughts on the top of the stadium to be fantastic the people have been wonderful the infrastructure is a mess but that doesn't matter it's been a fantastic football tournament and you can cop a moan and complain sometimes this is just the court is this has been a wonderful wonderful few weeks for countries who never get this opportunity again
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they've made the most of it so should we all. martin it didn't thank you very much indeed for your thoughts and that's martin lips in the chief football writer of the daily mirror in london what is commiserations to england but congratulations to italy after they get to forty on penalties ok partridge there from the olympic stadium in kiev ukraine so the last fourteen is left to fight it out for europe england we are not known it's the battle of the iberian peninsula first off with holder spain going up against christiana and all those portugal whether it's the internet the following night then sees its lee and germany do battle in warsaw for the other final. to motor sport or fernando alonso has become the first driver of this formula one season to win two races the spine or taking victory of an action packed european from prix in valencia a stunning drive seeing the former two time f one champion worked his way up from eleven on the grid he then took full advantage when red bull sebastian vettel who started on pole stalled on the track midway through the race and enough lotus would
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finish second while michael schumacher he completed the podium after lewis hamilton on pastor maldonado collided on the field but lap afterwards along to the strive this victory is one of the best of his career. clearly very proud that we spun his boredom of the moment and winning in the spring this race who's probably the most valuable who in turn so for most who's nothing maybe compared to his one. in four wheel sebastian loeb has won the rally of new zealand since the french wins third straight victory and fifth of the season stretches his lead at the top of the driver's standings the thirty eight points from citron teammate mikel herberman didn't win any of the seven special stages on the final day but was still almost thirty seconds faster overall than finn hermann in nor is petter solberg completed the podium in his forward twenty one year old russian yes give me another cough was fourth six stops for me and on the world rugby championship. that's where we are
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just a couple of hours away from the start of the wimbledon fortnight. well over one maria sharapova set to get her campaign underway on center court today against russian born in australia an honest to see ruby all of a shrub for back to back ground slam titles after winning the french open and other big ties on the women's side of the draw later sees venus williams take on another russian yelena best not for time grand slam champion kim clijsters also an auction the belgian adamant she will retire at the end of the season on that this will be her last time playing on the wimbledon grass the only yankovic shirt opening challenge. will be tough yankovic's a you know tough opponent we've had some really tough battles in the past and i think some of my. one of the matches that uprated played against elaine in sydney in the finals of sydney is one of the the matches that always remember as one of the fun as much as i've played in the most intense ones as well so i look forward to it the first match on center court will see men's number one novak djokovic
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start to the fans of his wimbledon title because he said for a tricky time of every opponent one carlos ferrero of spain has reached the last eight here twice before but europe which sees he's looking forward to all that comes in to. realize my dreams last year i played a perfect tournament. and i like the conditions here have been several occasions and semifinals so. you know i'm confident before the start of two thousand and twelve elsewhere in the pic of the action third seed roger federer takes to the number one court for a clash with spaniard alberto ramos argentina's dandiya and it's sort of age but russia goes up against britons all over golding. and finally russia's women's beach volleyball team us qualified for the olympic games for the very first time the squad booking their place by beating tournaments favorites the netherlands in
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the continental cup held here in moscow. this competition was a real chance for russia to make history in the sport after a hard fought three two win over switzerland in the semi's they faced the dutch in the final with a place at the olympics at stake the best of five contest started wobbly for russia's first time then team and as the sea of ice in the and failed to break down holland's jewel of madeline mccann link and sophie from guest and team russia wind down one nil but that didn't stop russia from making full use of their home advantage russia's second tandem call of and they. made like work of their two games beating both dutch teams two zero and two one with advantage now firmly with the home team and a boy in the crowd behind their backs. rectified the only slip up to beat home as we could do twenty one to twelve not only was it a fine win over the tournament favorites it was also sweet revenge for team russia
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having lost out to the netherlands back in the zoning stage of the competition in twenty eleven i simply cannot put our joy into words were so happy i don't know what else to say most of all i would like to see thanks to all our fans it's a big advantage to be playing at home and i'm so pleased with all the support it definitely helped us win. in the battle for bronze switzerland soft italy with three games to one ensuring they will get another crack at elland because occasion i think we still have a chance to get the. game. like yeah. but. with a ten second beach volleyball tournament of three in quick succession now seems justified as russia's women's beach volleyball team proved the country can compete with the world's best even if there's no beach in sight no gold here on the continent cup means that. the place on the plane to the summer's olympics for the
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first time ever in the netherlands as well as what's on. also on that morning on the first night of the when the n.i.v. being called langholm of which will also be held there is not much older but seemingly just can't get enough of the ball of the moment and that's one of my starts from the twenty's. cinco. i'm excited michael. all your sports i whether it's next year in twenty four hour r.t. . culture is that so much music to make a lot of people if you're young enough to look at what is the future of european union will be if it will unions or to continue to keep the hero down the road. wealthy british style. guys.
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markets. scandal find out what's really happening to the global economy for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines to name two kinds of reports. that she could leverage surely to mccurry was able to build a most sophisticated robot which fortunately doesn't give a darn about anything tim's mission to teach music creation why it should care about humans and. this is why you should care only on the dog.
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